Saturnine Depths

by Cariosus

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This album was birthed of literal blood, sweat, and tears. It is the product of almost two years' work and dedication toward becoming the best musicians CARIOSUS could be. In that time much effort was put toward the creation of something that can't be labeled by a single genre, something uniquely aggressive, haunting, gentle at times, somewhat cryptic, yet wholly accessible.



released April 28, 2017

Cariosus is:
Alex Pfister | Vocals & Bass
Adam Zlotorzycki | Guitar
Kevin Kryszak | Guitar
Nick Reagan | Drums

Guest vocals on "Saturnine Depths" by Devonte Wynne

Mixed and Mastered by Chuck Macak

Artwork by Scotty Bates



all rights reserved


Cariosus Chicago, Illinois

Melodic Death Metal/Deathcore band from Chicago, IL

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Track Name: Unconscious Projection
Feckless human
Willful ignorance won’t save me now
Hopeless creature
In denial
Selfish cretin
Fall on your knees
Bow before me
As I cleanse you

Feeding off this hatred
Your teeth are sinking in
Searching for a victim
To fill the void
So empty
Now I must break away
This poison
Fades away

Now I know the foolish one is me

Mislead judgement
Self reprisal
Must this go on?
Track Name: Saturnalia
You beckon me
This gift will not go wasted
Nor unseen

Grant me understanding
So that I might see
Pater autem Faunus
Dominus Enki
Obstacles before me
Sorrow and disease
Though you would oppose me
This bane will set me free

Few see the other side of the coin
Light unto darkness
Must be adjoined
Mankind has spurned You
Fear of the void
What is created must be destroyed

Now as I see the Reaper come unto me
Gives me the strength to shoulder this entity
How shall I tell your story oh Lord of Time?

In place of mine
Forge a new state of mind
Soul aligned
Rise up to change this paradigm
Track Name: Saturnine Depths
Molded me below
Asleep, in darkness
The crushing void of water and restless earth

It was in the depths I found her

Ten crowns of Atlantis
The seven heads’ desire-

No longer a slave to circumstance
Peeling (Back the layers of Mind)
Healing (No longer living blind)
Searching (The inner depths to find)

Rising from deep below
Escape the undertow

As I rise from the ancient sea
Nourishing empathy
Illuminate Leviathan
The Lunar me
Track Name: Integration of the Shadow
It’s welling up inside of me
I'm sinking to the floor
With broken skin and cracking teeth
I’ve broken down a door
I’m scared of myself I can’t take much more
How the fuck could I be thinking this
I know it’s what I live for

A being to manifest the hidden Self

Sewn into sheets
Thrown into water
Quickly consumed
Should ever I falter

The other- The lonely one that sees me through

No- None can see the Shadow
In repressive culture
Left the world blind
Our paradigm conflicting with this animal nature
Curse the modern mind

It’s too much to hide

Burn me up and spit me out
This is a curse I can’t live without
Dejected profusion
Secrets to hide
Leaving this world won’t leave me satisfied

Sewn into sheets
Thrown into water
I’m drowning myself
But killing a monster

Here is my effigy
Track Name: Reconciliation of the Anima
This visage
The Self maligned
Dear Matron, I've been so blind
Peer into the darkness
Searching for the hidden beauty

Now the time has come
My Spectre
My one true love

Emerging from the unconscious mind

Now we are as one
Great serpent-
The fallen one

We walk this path alone
The shadow finds itself at home
Beneath the waters
The Self is shown
The moon reflects the yet unknown
A vision I have made my own
Carved in stone

Why won't you speak?
Speak, speak to me
Tiamat, I call on thee
Speak, Speak to me

Why won't you speak?
Speak, speak to me
Tiamat, I speak through thee
Speak, speak to me